First features of the New Xiaomi Mi Band 5. -


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Thursday, January 9, 2020

First features of the New Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

For some time now, we know that Xiaomi is working on the new generation of its most popular smart bracelet. At some point in this year 2020, the Beijing firm will present to the world its new Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5, from which not long ago we knew that, among its novelties, it would include support for NFC globally.

First features of the New Xiaomi Mi Band 5.
First features of the New Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

And now we have been able to know even more details about this new - and expected - wearable. From the TizenHelp portal, they claim to have had access to more information about the Mi Smart Band 5 in advance and indicate that the bracelet will have two exciting novelties such as a diagonal screen, and support for mobile payments globally.

Google Pay on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5?

While Xiaomi has not confirmed the information, the portal above dares to ensure that the Mi Band 5 will have a 1.2-inch touch screen, an increase of 0.25 inches compared to the current model. Also, they point out that it will be based on AMOLED technology, and that Xiaomi would have worked to improve both the maximum brightness level and the contrast to enhance its visibility outdoors.

The initial rumors that the Mi Band 5 would have NFC in all its versions globally. Not only in the Chinese edition as it happens with the Mi Band 4. Another juicy rumor is added that indicates that Mobile payments through NFC will be supported worldwide.

If mobile payments with the Xiaomi mi Band will be carried out through Xiaomi Mi Pay or if the company will decide to support third-party platforms such as Google Play. The latter being, in my opinion, a movement more correct-.

From the same portal, they also affirm that the Mi Band 5 will be presented in June and that China will be - as usual - the first country in which it will go on sale. They also venture to indicate that its price will be 179 Yuan, around 23 euros, according to the current change.

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