Five things you didn't know you could ask Google Assistant, with the help of Google itself. -


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Friday, January 24, 2020

Five things you didn't know you could ask Google Assistant, with the help of Google itself.

There is no doubt seeing the latest Google I / O and all the movements of the Californian giant. Google Assistant is already its star service with artificial intelligence by the flag and also looking to star in our Android experience forever changing the interaction with our devices.

Five things you didn't know you could ask Google Assistant, with the help of Google itself.
Five things you didn't know you could ask Google Assistant, with the help of Google itself.

Google Assistant continues to grow in features with a very interesting 2020 CES.

Where we already saw functionality of natural reading of long texts, privacy-oriented commands, or programmed actions for smart devices, all while here we are still waiting for the mode, Conversational continued and completed in Spanish.

And if all this were not enough, with the Google I / O 2020 on the horizon and the hype through the clouds, from Google, they wanted to teach us ways to overcome stress using the Assistant, with five unique tricks and functions that we did not even know We could ask Google Assistant.

Mild stress with Google Assistant, and ask for more from your mobile.

1. Get organized with lists and notes.

With Google Assistant, it's easier than ever to create and manage task lists, save notes or reminders, and even manage your shopping list.

You can also do it in the best-known services such as Google Keep,, or AnyList both through your mobile phone and with Google Home devices, Nest and any speaker or smart screen.

It will be enough to connect Assistant with the application we use to create notes and lists, selecting the one chosen in the "Services" tab and linking our user account.

It is possible not only to create and manage files and notes once a specific service is connected but also to consult everything we have previously saved to join the particular app:

"Hey, Google, create a to-do list."

"Ok, Google, add 'hang the box' to the to-do list."

"Ok, Google, add 'yogurts' to the shopping list."

"Hey, Google, take note: ..."

"Ok, Google, show me my notes."

2. Assign reminders to your family members or users linked to your home.

Organizing at home will also not be a complicated issue if we know how to take advantage of the Google Assistant. Who to help us in this arduous task can create reminders for other related people indicating.

For example, you must pick up your room or go to the supermarket to buy the ingredient missing. All with the voice!

"Ok Google, remind mom to pick up my suit at the dry cleaner."

3. Find and share photos
Sharing our favorite memories or the pictures of our last trip is also something that can be done by talking to the Assistant most simply:

"Hey, Google, look for pictures of this weekend."

It will be Google Assistant itself who is responsible for diving among our galleries to search for images, allow us to select our favorite photos, and send them to someone merely saying:

"Hey, Google, share these photos with Manuel."

4. Listen to podcasts selected by the theme.

With Google Assistant, you can also listen to your favorite podcasts even before you know its existence, and it is enough to tell the Assistant:

"Ok, Google, find a podcast about Galician cuisine."

In this case, Google is responsible for reviewing its databases to reproduce related content and offer us cooking ideas, expert information on a specific topic, and even merely entertaining audio programs.

This feature is currently only available in English, but you can use it on any compatible device globally. Hopefully, soon in Spanish!

5. Cheer up while running errands.

If you are in that arduous task of finishing the dozens of procedures that we are accumulating for days off. Your Google Assistant will also provide extra energy when you need it, only by installing an app from a provider like Dunkin' and asking him what you want to drink:

"Ok Google, ask me for a coffee with milk in Dunkin '"

The tool will automatically take care of managing our order with the greatest diligence, without protesting and going to our aid to avoid the inconvenience.

Some tips without a doubt more than impressive that extend the vision of what Google Assistant can do for us beyond controlling the connected devices in the home or creating alarms to wake us up in the morning. Want something? Ask Google!

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