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Friday, February 14, 2020

Will my SmartPhone update to Android 10?

Android launches new mobile operating system update and name it " Android 10."

Will my SmartPhone update to Android 10?
Will my SmartPhone update to Android 10?

Editing and changing the brand name frequently scores heavily on customer point of view.

Last year, Essential became the first brand in history to update a phone to the new version of Android on the same day as the Pixels.

Korean LG has also published a list with the devices that will receive the tenth version of Google's operating system. It contains mainly new terminals, both high-end and mid-range.

The Californian belonging to Lenovo has not published a list with the terminals of its catalogue that will receive the new version. Still, in the launch of its latest devices, it has indicated which of them will have a more extended period of support. Thus, we can deduce some of Motorola's mobiles with the guaranteed update to Android 10.

Nokia has had an excellent tour in terms of support since returning to the phone market with Android. Today, the Finnish brand has not only confirmed which phones will receive the new version - which are practically all of its catalogue - but has even revealed ** when we can expect the arrival of the update.

The surprise comes from knowing that the Chinese firm could update its latest models on the same day that Google will update its Pixel.

On the other hand, OnePlus had previously confirmed that five and 5T models would also receive the update at some point.

Another one that does not fail its appointment with Android 10 is OPPO, the Chinese giant has returned to Europe in style, and its goal is to position itself at the top of the telephone market. And for that, of course, it is not enough to create phones with excellent hardware. You also have to pamper the software, and at the moment the company's plans promise.

These are the Realme terminals that have the update to Android 10 and ColorOS 7. Depending on the brand, this update will reach your tools as a slightly modified version of ColorOS 7, with a more straightforward interface and similar to the lines of Android stock.

Samsung has already made official the list of terminals that will receive Android 10. It includes a total of 35 devices, which will be receiving the new version of the system from January 2020.

It has taken, but the Japanese Sony has https://andro4all.com/noticias/moviles/sony-xperia-actualizacion-android-10 finally. The brand forgets some of its mid-range and low-end models, such as the Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra, or the Xperia L3.

Xiaomi is another of the companies that have also shared its Android ten update plans with the world.

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